Dreadful Eruption From An Unknown World

by Existence Has Failed

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Dreadful Eruption From An Unknown World is a heavy hitting 5 track EP that will leave you with a new perspective on deathcore!


released February 3, 2015

Mixed/Mastered by Jesse Kirkbride (Kirkbride Recordings)

Oscar Ledesma- Vocals
Frankie Cilella- Guitar
Brandon Mizrahi- Guitar
Tyler Dumais- Bass
Brandon Kaminsky- Drums



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Existence Has Failed West Palm Beach, Florida

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Track Name: Severance Of Civilization ft Tyler Shelton
How can we live in a world full of such hate and greed
If we keep this up we will surely not last
We cant go on living like this
Weve crossed the line between humanity and savagery
With our feral minds
There is no way that we will get out alive
We've lost our way
Sodomize the swine
Kill the pigs
Slit their throat
Spill the blood
With our feral minds
There is no way that we will get out alive
The sight of blood it seems to fucking arouse them
What the hell have we become
There is no law and order
Corruption has seized us all
Violence is spreading like a mother fucking plague
The dreadful eruption from an unknown world
Echoes forever in my mind
Crimson red pools around my bare feet
As I tear out its fucking spine
The fucking swine always dies
Track Name: Ascension ft Bryan Long
Tear out my eyes
For I can still see the truth
I miss the bliss of ignorance
My monsters will rise
My demons will thrive
On broken hearts
And past mistakes
I know what im capable of
And the angers piling up
He cant help himself
Crawling his way out
Emerging from the inside
He has risen
Blood on her head
Blood on her hands
Death for her serpent eye that commands
Heaven and star light or hellfire and fear
The choice is hers the ruins loom near
Track Name: Ruthless Mutilation
Shut your filthy fucking mouth and wait until I'm done
Keep talking and i'll slit your throat and i'll rip out your tongue
Open your esophagus and spew into your lungs
This is the evil inside me
All your tears and all your pleads are worthless to me now
Fill your lungs with the water so I can watch you drown
Ruthless mutilation
Fear me for I am the grim reaper
I'll leave your body where the world can see
You no longer need a savior
I'll do the world a fucking favor
I'll get rid of the scum
I'll use your entrails as your fucking noose
I didnt know how far you would go and now I know you are the lowest of low
You should have seen this coming